Saturday, March 5, 2011

[Sculpting] - LeChuck - The Villian trilogy ends here

I can't believe, i unintentionally am doing all villains.Anyways, this one is from a amazing and one of my top favorite of adventure game from Lucas Arts called "Monkey Island".The artworks as well as the story and humor are really good.I started this one for a mini challenge at Game Artisans.

I followed the following game cover as my final pose and reference.
Here are some of the sculpting WIP screen shots.

Aaargh... I am evil pirate Le Chuck.I have come here to help you finish your sculpt.Bring me your brushes.:)

[Sculpting] - Maleficent - Just another Villain


Looks like i am ending up in doing villains.This one is from Disney's "Sleeping Beauty".It is for a recent competition held in CGTantra.The pet crow is quite challenging in this sculpt.I have never done a bird before, and with all these fur and stuff, it's quite challenging to get the exact look.It's still no where near close to a crow.But i am trying.



And here's a close-up of the face of the crow and it's owner..

Even though the face doesn't resemble the original character, i am quite happy with it.It's just not that evil enough, I have to sculpt some evil into it using that new "Evil" brushes in Zbrush.:)

[Sculpting] - Chucky - "Child's Play" in my Zbrush


Here is my attempt to create the villian of 80's horror film "Child's Play".This was started long back in 2009 in CGTantra for the Movie Villians Sculpting Challenge.I stopped working on this due to other works.With the Dominance War 5 just ahead, i don't think i will be seeing this model for another 2-3 months.Here is how far i have reached.

The head sculpting was really fun.I am almost done with the head.Though the hair looks dirty ;(.I haven't done much work on the rest of the body,which is next in the list.I want to do the tearing of clothes sculpting, which i am sure it will take some time.

Thanks for watching.

Friday, March 4, 2011

[MaxScript] Toggle Wire Per Object

[3dsmax Script] Toggle Wire Per Object
The following script was to avoid a simple hassle while modeling with blueprints.The default X-ray mode in 3dsmax works well but it still shows shading and doesn't really show the background image clearly.So the following simple code allows us to just turn off the visibility of the selected objects to see just the wire-frame of the object and the blueprint.
macroScript Toggle_Wire 
 toolTip:"Toggle Wire Per Object"
-- updated: 21-11-2008 : works now on multiple selections

 for i = 1 to $selection.count do
   if $selection[i].visibility == off 
   $selection[i].visibility = on

   $selection[i].visibility = off 


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some 3dsMax Script Ideas

  • Orient object pivot according to the face normal
Update : March 3, 2011

[3dsmax Script] Align Pivot to Face
        I have finished creating the script.More like compiling actually.I had to handle the Node Transformation through the script, which is not clarified still to me.But i really needed the script to be made.I found a helpful piece of  function by Martijn van Herk from CGTalk, what it does is it takes a source and target as input.It aligns the source's pivot to the target.It is actually easier said than done.Afterwards, following the 3dsmax help on maxscript, i found the face normal of a selected face.Rest all was really nothing more than stitching the both codes together with error checking.The limitation is it only works on Editable Poly object now.It can be added easily.Just need to dig through the Editable mesh code.

     You can download the maxscript from the following link.

      Installation :
  1. Drag and drop on to 3dsmax.
  2. You can find the script under category "PB_Tools".
  3. Create a Quad menu,Shortcut or Toolbar button to access at anytime.
      How to Use :
  1. The script presently only support Editable Poly objects.
  2. Select a Editable Poly Object's face to which you want the pivot to align to.
  3. Avoid selecting multiple faces for it might show undesirable results.
  4. Click on the button, or shortcut for "Align Pivot to Face".

      Initial Idea :
It can be fairly useful, when a object has lost it’s xform, we can use this way to retain the orientation of the object.As a result modeling can be really fast for these kind of object.

Getting it done:
  1. Calculate the selected face normal.
  2. Orient(Pivot position doesn’t change) the selected object’s pivot according to the face normal.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Demoreel [ 2007-2008]

My modeling reel done almost 4 yrs back.Just a piece of sweet, sweated memory.:)

Monday, December 13, 2010

A set of old works from beyond (2007)

Initially I made the portfolio keeping in mind to apply as a modeler, as I loved to do that.The above were some of the works I did after making my portfolio to target more towards game artworks.

The Nissan R390 Car, I posted on and got quite a feedback from nice people of that community.You can checkout the Finished work thread here.

Game-Artist Thread – Nissan R390 R1

Starting my blog

Will be posting soon.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

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