Saturday, March 5, 2011

[Sculpting] - Chucky - "Child's Play" in my Zbrush


Here is my attempt to create the villian of 80's horror film "Child's Play".This was started long back in 2009 in CGTantra for the Movie Villians Sculpting Challenge.I stopped working on this due to other works.With the Dominance War 5 just ahead, i don't think i will be seeing this model for another 2-3 months.Here is how far i have reached.

The head sculpting was really fun.I am almost done with the head.Though the hair looks dirty ;(.I haven't done much work on the rest of the body,which is next in the list.I want to do the tearing of clothes sculpting, which i am sure it will take some time.

Thanks for watching.

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